Refund Policy

Thank you for signing up with us for the online Coding Education Services. We have a Prorated refund policy as defined below.

1. Prorated Refund Policy: All customers are entitled to unconditional refund within 7 days of demanding the same.

2. Prorated here means the number of Online Learning services used by the customer and refund will be for the balance amount of the total services paid for.

Eg if a customer 'X' had signed up for 40 classes at USD 30 per class and paid USD 1200 for the 40 hours of learning and seeks refund after 9 classes, then the following will happen during prorated refund.
a) Total amount for services used = USD 30 x 9 classes = USD 270
b) Total Prorated refund = USD 1200- USD 270 = USD 930.

3. Process for seeking refund: Customer needs to send an email with the following details -

Subject Line: Refund for <Program Name> for <Student Name>, <Enrollment ID> to
Dear Enrollment Team,
Please initiate refund for <Student name>, enrolled in <Program Name> with <Enrollment ID>.

The team will process the requested refund within 7 working days of receiving this email.

All monies will be refunded to original method of payment.

  • Refund Policy

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